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About the Developer Community

The Developer Community provides SDKs, Sample Code, and other documents that show how to build extensions and components leveraging the PowerCenter integration platform.


What is the Informatica Developer Platform (IDP)?

Informatica Developer Platform SDK is a set of APIs that allows third parties to build on and extend the PowerCenter platform.  The APIs also allow third party applications to invoke and integrate with the Data Integration capabilities provided by the PowerCenter platform.  The APIs available via the IDP can be leveraged to do the following:


  • Extend PowerCenter connectivity to new data sources
  • Add custom transformation and functions to the PowerCenter server
  • Build custom applications that generate PowerCenter objects such as mappings and workflows
  • Manage and monitor the PowerCenter execution environment
  • Administer the PowerCenter domain and Grid and Repository


Refer to  the IDP Developer Guide for a detailed description of the SDKs and how you can use them. The Developer Guide includes development examples that you can refer to when you use the APIs to develop your own adapters.



Please view the Embedding Data Integration in Software Applications Whitepaper that outlines the requirements for a robust data integration platform and the capabilities of the Informatica data integration platform.


PLEASE NOTE: PowerCenter MX SDK is not supported for versions 8.5 and above.

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