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Submit, View and Vote on Ideas from the Community.

Have an idea for a product or solution that would augment, extend, or enhance the capabilities of Informatica? Interested in developing something that would be valued by the community?

Whether you’re looking for a completely new Solution, a modification to an existing one, or insight into what could be the next best product, the Ideas section of the Marketplace is your opportunity to interact with the community.

For Buyers, it’s easy to submit an Idea to the community on what you’d like to see in a Solution or product enhancement. Other members of the community can view and vote on your idea to raise its visibility to Informatica and the development community.

For Developers, Consultants, and ISVs, Ideas is a great place to see what the Solutions the community is looking for, and is an opportunity for you to create something that would be instantly popular with over 125,000 potential Buyers.

In addition to the Malls, you can find Solutions for specific Technology Categories, Use Cases, Roles, Industries, etc. With over 1300 Solutions on the Marketplace, it’s easy to find something that meets your needs.

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