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Big Data Mall

Over 50 Blocks designed for your Big Data needs.

There are Blocks here for all Big Data trends, including

  • Big Transaction Data Blocks: Blocks that support the emerging built-for-purpose analytic databases, for transaction data analytics.
  • Big Interaction Data: Blocks designed to provide users the ability to extract information from social media/web and gather intelligence from the data by using tools which provide analytics and sentiment analysis.
  • Big Data Processing: Blocks from companies that leverage Map Reduce/HADOOP technologies, specifically designed to perform analytics from Big data sources.


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Big Data Blocks

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Kognitio Analytical Platform

Sets new standards in data warehousing, data analytics and business intelligence.

Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine

Seamlessly indexes, joins and presents structured data.

Treasure Data – Finding The Gem in Your Data

Enables data analytics without worrying about, Hadoop, MapReduce, etc


An adaptive analytical platform for performing complex analytics.

Attensity Analyze

Allows organizations to listen to & analyze the Voice of the Customer.

Data Connectors for Big Data

Tools to provide interoperability between Big Data and Informatica DI.

Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop

Components tested to work with tools, databases and applications.

ParAccel Analytic Platform

Solves critical analytic problems & removes the barriers to "Big Data Analytics".

PowerExchange for Greenplum

Open Source Analytic Algorithms from MADlib and Alpine Miner Visual Modeler.

PowerExchange for Facebook

Provides connectivity between PowerCenter and Facebook to extract Facebook data.

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