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The Cost - Effective DI Implementations with Informatica

    By Noor Basha Shaik | Assistant Consultant | Tata Consultance Services

In today's cost-controlling environments, driving DI initiatives to success with less service costs and within shortened time duration has become one of the top expectations of our customers.

The Future Direction of Big Data

    By Gil Allouche | VP - Marketing | Quoble

Big Data has been hyped and spun by marketing departments so many times that today anything and everything can be considered Big Data.

Five Things You Need to Know About Hadoop

    By Jim Vogt | President and CEO | Zettaset

While much attention continues to revolve around Big Data, a critical ecosystem component still remains somewhat of a mystery to many IT professionals and business analysts.

Making the Data Integration Process More Efficient

    By Pat Cameron | Director of Automation Technology | Skybot Software

Understand the different ways adopted to make the Data Integration Process more effective.

Criminal Hackers as Data Discovery Experts

    By Pauline Turski | Partner Marketing Manager | Voltage Security

Learn more about securing sensitive data by industry leaders.

Smart IT Infrastructure investments in Turbulent Technology era

    By Pablo Horenstein | VP Pre-sales | IT Analyser

Technology trends such as Big Data, Cloud migration, Data Center efficiency and consumerization are very challenging and have become the biggest disrupters of Enterprise IT today.

Lights, Data Quality, Action!

    By Rich Trapp | VP Sales and Marketing | Northfield Consulting Group, LLC.

This article emphasizes the importance of maintaining a pragmatic perspective and approach when undertaking a data management effort – taking care to balance the need for the definition and deployment of a data governance model with the need for immediate data quality improvements, actions, and the tangible business results they can deliver.

Meeting the Challenge of an ‘Always-on, Web Connected World'

    By Sheila Dahlgren | Chief Marketing Officer, VP | Kaazing Inc.

It is recognized that today’s new enterprise goes well beyond the firewall to enhance customer satisfaction.

Mastering IT Infrastructure Risks and Complexity

    By Ofer Laksman | C.E.O. | iTAnalyzer.

This article looks at a new analytical approach, designed to help enterprise IT organizations address the real impact of potential risks behind the growing cost and complexity of their IT Infrastructure environments.

Why Small Data Is the Answer to Big Data’s Problems

    By Adam Murray | General Manager | C3 Products.

Big Data is giving many organizations an excuse to explore more effective ways of extracting value from data.

Five Metrics to Improve Your Data Center Workflows

    By Pat Cameron | Director of Automation Technology for Skybot Software.

The key to operational efficiency is having not just the right tools and processes, but also the right metrics to determine how well they're working.

Data Migration Decision Factors

    By Maksym Sherbinin | CEO | Toolsverse.

An estimated 84% of data migration projects fail. Find out what key issues you need to consider to ensure your data migration project ends up in the successful minority.

The Benefits of Centralizing Data Mappings for ETL and Data Warehouse Projects

    By Simon Eligulashvili | Founder and CEO | Gamma Systems Inc.

Despite all kinds of advances in database and data warehouse technology, it still takes just as long to complete an ETL or data warehouse project as it did 10 years ago.

Seven Steps in Kick Starting Big Data Project

    By Srinivas Bommena | Practice Manager | Analytics & Information Management Practice| Trianz.

This article talks about the key steps to be followed to successfully launch a Big Data project.

Data Governance : Enabling the process of data management

    By Stijn Christiaens | Co-founder & COO | Collibra.

This article introduces you to Collibra’s Data Governance solution, which makes Data Governance practical in a business friendly environment, thereby enabling the process of data management.

Delivering Value from Big Data from Day One

    By Leena Joshi | Sr. Director | Solutions Marketing| Splunk.

Harness the power of machine generated Big Data from virtually any source in real time. Search, monitor, analyze and visualize your data to gain new visibility, insight and intelligence.

Why is Regulatory Compliance so Expensive and Difficult?

    By Stuart Dickson | Managing Director | Allatus Ltd.

Stuart Dickson talks about the industry approach to deliver Basel II and III, Solvency II, COREP and other regulatory requirements which are expensive and difficult.

The Power Center Automation Conundrum

    By Colin Beasty | Marketing Communications Manager | Advanced Systems Concepts.

In recent years, the democratization of analytic and BI solutions have become a driving force in the growing complexity of data warehousing processes.

Making Sense of Big Data

    By Collaborative Consulting.

Big Data is not one thing, and it does not have magical powers to provide advanced business analytics on its own. Read the white paper to get a collaborative point of view.

Top 7 Key Success Factors for Implementing MDM in Validated Systems

    By Steve Ruff | Senior Consultant | Infoverity.

In this article, Steve Ruff talks about the top 7 success factors to consider while implementing MDM within a validated systems environment.

Analyze Everything: The Power of Unifying Unstructured and Structured Data for Business Agility

    By Michael Urbonas | Director of Product Marketing | Attivio.

Gaining deeper business insights for new business success today requires agile BI drawn not only from structured data, but also from unstructured content.

A Greenfield Project to a “White Elephant”

    By Bhaskar Peri | Director | Coeurdata.

The maintenance phase is the longest and perhaps the most expensive phase of software’s life. Despite great advances in software engineering processes, practices, methodologies and development tools, maintainability has yet to see the importance it deserves.

How to Control Multiple Informatica Environments

    By William Flood | Managing Member | Binary Bolt, LLC.

This article reviews how to overcome the constant struggle of keeping code in sync from one environment to another, streamline deployments and decrease administration time.

Thinking Big

    By Mark Connelly | Business Development Director | The ETL Factory.

In this article, Mark Connelly talks about how Geninfa’s tool is used to develop higher-quality PowerCenter applications faster and at lower cost and also in turn to achieve a step-change in the productivity of thePowerCenter development activity.

Analytics for Optimizing IT Infrastructure

    By Ofer Laksman | CEO | IT Analyzer.

In this article, Ofer laksman talks about right tools to analyze and optimize the use and investment of IT infrastructure assets, applying best practice and sophisticated rules, similar to what has been done by BI/DSS tools in commercial applications.

Building a Real Time Big Data Analytics Application

    By Ron Anderson | Director | Technical Account Management, GigaSpaces Technologies.

Real time doesn't just affect our personal lives. Enterprises and government agencies need real-time insights to be successful, whether they are investment firms or retailers.

Achieving Regulatory Compliance with Automated Data Flow Approach

    By Pradeep KR | Business Consultant | Ramco Analytics, Ramco Systems..

Ramco's ADF solution is designed to help banks achieve complete automation of RBI reports. Not only is it a pre-built product, it also follows a data-model approach rather than a report-centric approach.

An Agile Approach to Data Mapping and Integration

    By Michael Boggs | Partner & CTO | Analytix Data Services.

This article explores practical techniques for achieving success in building a successful solution in a non-intrusive and agile way. It talks about how a good agile process centrally manages and tracks the mappings through the workflow reducing risk and errors, and allowing developers central access to accurate coding requirements – the STM.

Taking the Pulse of the Marketplace

    By Mark Connelly | Business Development Director | The ETL Factory..

Mark Connely feels that Informatica Marketplace is a supportive environment with a nursery for ideas, and also attracts attention by the ‘donut-effect’ by bringing the vendors and innovators together into the same virtual neighbourhood.

How to ensure your PowerCenter upgrade success

    By Tom Nats | VP of Sales Consulting Operations | Datasource Consulting.

Upgrading PowerCenter environments can be an overwhelming task due to the numerous applications involved such as database systems, operating systems and hardware configurations. It can be a challenging task depending on the complexity of the environment and number of changes undertaken.

Can you evolve data standards through bottom-up data integration?

    By David Mitton | Sales & Marketing Director | Listpoint.

David Mitton talks about the complexity of Reference Data involved which might be a relatively minor issue at a local application level but once you add in multiple systems, locations and data standards, it really opens up the cost, risk and governance challenges which regularly lead to delays or even project failure.

Compliance to methodology and best practices in ETL solutions

    By Erik Kratochvil | New Frontier Group | an Informatica partner and the producer of Manta     Checker.

In his article Erick Kratochvil talks about the importance of code review and the benefits of automation. He speaks about code review being an important step in development process that can help in discovering and fixing the issues early which in turn will help in increasing the trust in the data integration process.

Process Mining Manifesto clarifies Market for Automated Process Discovery (APD)

    By Keith Swenson | Vice President of R&D and Chief Architect | Fujitsu America, Inc..

In his article he talks about how process mining is a breakthrough technology which analyzes log file records to render a visual diagram of actual process flows in business systems. Fujitsu launched process mining as a service offering three years ago, called Interstage Automated Process Discovery.