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Become a Seller

Gain visibility for your high value solution.

The Informatica Marketplace is an open ecosystem – anyone is welcome. Whether you’re a System Integrator, Product company, ISV, Consultant, or Independent Developer, you gain access to everything you need in order to promote and sell your data integration solution.

The Benefits

As soon as you post your Block on the Marketplace, you begin building or expanding your global reputation, and gain instant exposure to over 125,000 Informatica Community members comprised of developers, architects, and a wide variety of IT professionals.

Your presence on the Marketplace allows you to gain instant recognition for your solutions, leveraging the strong foundation of the Informatica brand. Utilizing the Informatica Marketplace Hosting, E-commerce, and Marketing engines, you gain a complete channel solution with minimal investment and almost no risk.

Become a Seller

This EMA ROI Case Study documents the value of the application store concept being implemented by Informatica. It details the value of Informatica Marketplace in terms of benefits to the CoeurData organization and how marketplaces can inturn help companies maximize their development, investment and provide ready-made, go-to-market capabilities that enable them to compete much more effectively than traditional channels.


The Informatica Marketplace has given us an extremely effective channel into the global Data Integration market. By accessing Informatica’s thriving community of DI professionals, we have greatly extended our reach into the market, and improved the visibility of our products globally. It is the most cost effective way for us to market and sell our products, and the Informatica Seal of Approval allows us to leverage the strong brand Informatica has built to increase buyer confidence in our products. useful bug fixes, providing predictable quarterly updates and testing its integration with leading databases and end users tools.

- Quinlan Eddy, CEO, Star Analytics.