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Cloud Integration & Data Management Mall

Unlock the potential of the cloud

Informatica’s Cloud Integration and Data Management solutions allow customers, and partners to build connectivity quickly, make use of interoperability with on-premise Informatica software, architect common, reusable integration patterns, and implement process automation.

The Informatica Cloud family of software-as-a-service (SaaS) Marketplace blocks include:

Cloud Data Management Applications

Integrate, cleanse, and extend your cloud, on-premise, and social applications.

Free Data Loader

Multitenant integration-as-a-service that allows you to load data from a database or flat-file into Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or NetSuite.

Informatica Cloud Master Data Management (MDM)

Automate CRM data cleansing, validation and consolidation of data from external systems and multiple Salesforce orgs.

Informatica Cloud Integration

Multitenant integration-as-a-service that allows you to integrate all of your cloud, on-premise, and social applications.

Informatica Cloud Extend

Informatica Cloud Extend lets sales, marketing and customer service professionals create wizards that automate Salesforce processes to ensure that users follow best practices for efficient data entry. Mobile enabled. No programming skills required.

Informatica Cloud for the iPhone

Extend the self-service benefits of Informatica Cloud to your iPhone or iPad.

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Cloud Connectors

Connectors allow native or web services access to an application’s metadata through its API, and enable its objects to be used in any cloud integration and data management operation.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Connector

Rapidly integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX with your cloud and on-premise applications, databases, files and social media sources.

Oracle CRM On Demand Connector

Integrate Oracle CRM On Demand with cloud and on-premise applications.

NetSuite Connector

Allows you to create and synchronize customer data in NetSuite based on source data in a database, flat file or

Eloqua Connector

Fast-track your marketing automation initiatives with Eloqua integration and achieve pipeline acceleration.

Workday Connector

Gain deeper organizational insights by integrating Workday with other enterprise systems and executing analytics.

NetSuite OpenAir Connector

Acquire extensive insights into your budgets, schedules, and costs, for all your project management resources.

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Cloud Integration Templates

Templates are predefined integration and data management logic blocks that satisfy specific business processes between applications.

Data Pattern Search Template

The pattern search makes use of the REGEX (Regular Expression) function.

Salesforce Aggregator Template

The Salesforce Aggregator template aggregates data from various fields within a Salesforce object based on a specified grouping.

Records Validation Template

The Records Validation template routes valid records to one target and invalid records to a different target.

Integration Activity Log Template

It retrieves information from the Informatica Cloud activity log and produces a formatted output.

Date Converter Template

This looks for date patterns in all the text fields contained with in file sources, and converts the date format to a format that the user specifies.

Workday to Concur Cloud Template

This integration template shows how easy it is to integrate SaaS application such as Workday and Concur.

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Cloud Process Automation

Create and deploy custom wizards that automate processes and methodologies through guides, ensuring best practices are followed.

Add Product to Opportunity Guide

This guide will add products to an opportunity. If the opportunity already has products added it will use the current price book, otherwise the guide will prompt the user to select a price book.

Add Lead to Campaign Guide

This guide demonstrates how to add a Lead to a Campaign.

Assess Future Needs Guide

This guide demonstrates how to use Informatica Cloud Extend to assess the future needs of an example customer in order to build a more accurate renewal pipeline.

Convert Lead Guide

This guide demonstrates the best practices for converting a Lead to an Opportunity.

Augment Lead With LinkedIn Guide

This guide demonstrates how to enrich a Lead object with data obtained from LinkedIn.

Close Lead Guide

This guide demonstrates the best practices for closing a Lead.

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