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Productivity Data Warehouse Tool Mall

Time saving tools to make your job easier.

  • Are you a developer looking to improve your productivity? If so, you’ve come to the right place!
  • With Solutions built by Informatica Engineers and Partners, you will find a wide range of time saving tools to help make your job easier.
  • From optimized scheduling of workflows to sending automatic alerts if a rule fails, the Productivity Tools Mall has it all!

A tool implemented for the proactive monitoring of the schedule of workflows.

Productivity and Monitoring Pack for PowerCenter

Save time and money on all stages of your PC deployment.

MetaQuery : PowerCenter Repository Reports

Query your PowerCenter repository metadata and unleash power of that information.


Save time and money by streamlining Template development.

SleepSavers : Smart Workflow Restart Tool

Scripts designed to intelligently start and - if failure is detected - restart workflows.

Data Quality : Address Cleansing for Excel®

An add-In that enhances Microsoft Excel by adding data cleansing functionality.

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