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Tell us your story

Informatica Marketplace ‘Tell us your story’ contest

Have you tried one of the Apps on the Informatica Marketplace? Has it helped you save time, improved your productivity, or solved a challenging problem?

If the Informatica Marketplace has made you successful in your job, we want to hear from you. Tell us your story, and earn a chance to win an Amazon gift card, or even a Samsung Chromebook! Your story can also help other Informatica users to identify Apps that are right for their environment and spread the word about the Marketplace.

How does it work?

It’s easy to share your experience with us. Share the details of your Marketplace success in 1000 words or less, and tell us how the Apps you’ve used have helped solve a business or technical problem.

Contest duration:

Jan 1st, 2013 to May 31st, 2013.

We’re giving away Samsung Chromebooks and Amazon gift cards!

During the contest period, every month the Marketplace will select the best examples of Marketplace success and award the authors with $50 Amazon gift cards.

We will work with the monthly winners to get more information about their stories, and at the end of the contest the most interesting use cse and creative use of Apps which resulted in success for customers will be awarded Samsung Chromebooks.

Hurry now!   Tell us your story.

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Bookmark this page for more details on the contest, monthly winners and Block reviews.

Terms and Conditions of the Contest

May winners

Srinivasan Ravindran

I have used many blocks from Informatica Marketplace that have improved the efficiency of my team and we have incorporated them into our project methodologies. However one simple app which impressed me the most was the Informatica Repository SQL by Binary Bolt that provides Informatica repository queries for analyzing the system. We use the output to provide custom quality reports for our customers.

Muhammad Abbas Ali

We have used Blocks like MetaQuery, PMREP Admin Scripts etc in our projects. Thank you Informatica for launching Informatica Marketplace. It has given quick and easy access to several solutions, and we don’t have to rely on third party products. Marketplace enables us to save a lot of time, without having to re-invent the wheel.

Vikas Jain

The “Dynamic Output File Names" app, helped me implement the mapping to divide data at country level. The “PowerCenter - Excel for Transaction Cache Memory" app is very simple yet very effective app. It enabled to tune our mapping and plan for the effective utilization of resources. “Performance Analyze" app is my favorite App with Awesome Features and it provides details about the workflow i.e., of sources, targets, transformation, Size of each row, memory utilization of each transformation. DTM calculation etc. I have promoted these apps to few other colleagues at work and they simply love them.

April winners :

Shibin Varghese

Parameter Generation has been a time consuming activity for us. We could automate this activity and saved several man hours of team effort by drawing inspiration from ‘Param generation for Table’ block on the Informatica Marketplace.

Mohammed Adil Shariff

Having found some critical bugs using CheckLinks block from Informatica Marketplace for checking inconsistent data-type and precision among linked ports, we have incorporated this block as tool in our Data Quality and Standards Process.

March winners :

Yogesh Agarwal

I have used several apps from Informatica Marketplace such as MetaQuery, PowerCenter Bundle and several scripts. The scripts helped me automate various tasks, maintaining my Informatica Repository and saving a lot of implementation time.

Martiano Putro

The Informatica DataWarehouse Advisor provides an easy user interface lookup that provides ease of use to the user. It has helped me finish my task quickly and save time.

February winners :

Raymond Collins

Usage of the Mapping Architect for Visio Templates for Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) enabled me to cut development time by almost 80%. I was able to create five mappings in a matter of minutes, with minor modifications to the SCD Template in the Mapping Architect for Visio. The blocks in the Marketplace are very helpful and the Marketplace is the Go-To resource for all my projects.

Suresh Koduri

Marketplace is a platform for me to post my ideas and to try out other solutions listed here. I have posted a mapping to Normalize Data using New Line Character in the Marketplace. Some of the applications that have especially been useful to me are the AnalytiX Mapping Manager and a mapping to Read Rejected Rows. The Bundles (of applications) on the Marketplace also present an interesting way for solving complex scenarios.

January winners :

Vipul Jain

I have used several tools from Informatica Marketplace on a regular basis. None of other forums provide the type of tools that are available on Marketplace.

The blocks on Marketplace have enhanced my knowledge and helped me understand the end to end capability of Informatica PowerCenter. The Marketplace mapping blocks also helped me build prototypes involving web services and data warehousing faster by cutting down the effort by 30-40%. This has enabled me to provide reliable solutions to gain customer confidence and satisfaction.

Noor Basha Shaik

Marketplace is a great initiative from Informatica for ready-made solutions which can boost productivity, decrease project costs and increase ROI in DI initiatives.

I have used the MetaQuery and ICC Utility in Data Warehouse implementations. Both these tools have helped us automate code reviews to reduce review time and spend the time in conducting functional reviews instead. With these utilities, we could complete our code reviews in a few hours as against it taking a few days normally. It also resulted in the deployment of more reliable and maintainable mappings.