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Cloud Template : SFDC Opportunity by Source

By: Trianz

This template can be used to report opportunity data aggregated by fiscal year, fiscal quarter and the source of an opportunity.

Cloud Plug-In : Simple Aggregator

By: Vijay Jaiswal

This plug-in provides the aggregation functions to aggregate data from Cloud based applications like Salesforce.

Cloud Template : SFDC LEAD Details

By: Dwarakanath MK

This Template loads the Lead data from Salesforce.

Python : Export Repository Connection Attributes

By: Soumi Mondal

A Python Script which will export attributes of all the connection objects from your PowerCenter Repository.

Informatica Developer : Standardization using LDO

By: Trianz

Demonstrates how you can access disparate data sources using Logical Data Object and Standardize data.

Informatica Developer : SQL Data Service Example

By: Aravind Krishnamurthy

Demonstrations of creating and using Logical data object to have virtual view of data with the help of SQL Data Services.

Informatica Developer : Alter Virtual DW Table

By: Trianz

An example that demonstrates dynamically change the DW table view using the Logical Data Object.

Informatica Developer : Federated Report Example

By: Swathi Uyyuru

An example that demonstrates generating federated reports using Logical Data Objects.

Cloud Template : SFDC Case by Closed

By: Vikas Jain

This template can be used to report case details aggregated by year, month and origin.

Cloud Template : SFDC Opportunity Detail

By: Nambi Krishnan

This Template loads the opportunity data from Salesforce.

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