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Informatica Cloud SQL Database Staging Area in the Cloud

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Created on Oct 31, 2012 9:06 AM by Kubilay Tsil Kara - Last Modified: Nov 1, 2012 5:12 AM

Given the price of storage charged by SaaS cloud app providers, I think Informatica Cloud should seriously consider to provide a Staging SQL database in the Cloud!


Currently in a 'staged' data integration approach, the client usually has to provision and manage a SQL database on the premise to do SQL abstraction, data cleansing and normalisation of incoming source data.


The benefits of provisioning the SQL Database in the Cloud would be:


  • It would take away the hassle from the client for provisioning a SQL database and manage it on the premise.
  • Take the data complexity problem off the premise to the cloud, where the solution can be easily collaborated by external teams/tools too.
  • Achive better  performance in DML operations on data as there would be no governance limits due to multitenancy.
  • Use standard SQL familiar to many to solve the problem.
  • Store, backup SaaS App data cheaply and do Information Lifecycle Management (Age the data)
  • Enable remote work.



There are lots of cloud SQL database providers which would provide you a vanilla SQL database and 'massive' storage on per implementation basis in the cloud at a low costs. Consider as one, there are many others including Amazon, Microsoft etc.


That would be really cool!



Kubilay Tsil Kara


Twitter: @databasesystems

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