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Programmatically create IC tasks

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Created on Nov 30, 2012 5:46 AM by Kubilay Tsil Kara - Last Modified: Nov 30, 2012 5:47 AM

I have searched on this in the docs and I couldn't find much. Thought I raise an idea.


My idea:


It would be nice to generate a task on the fly - programmatically - depending on the data.




I have a table of customer data which has a hiearchy_level_col column. I need to load the data according to this hierarchy by traversing from the ultimate parent down to the final children (traversing b-trees).


That is ultimate parents must go in first, then grandparents, then the parents, last the children. The data must be loaded in this order. At the moment I need to filter this table and load the data by creating tasks as in the levels of hierarchy. So if there are 6 levels of hierarchy in the data, I need to create 6 inforamtica cloud tasks to load this data in order from 1..6.


But how about if the data introduces a new level, say level 7. How would I be able to catch that in the data  and create the Informatica Cloud task 7 ?


I am sure there will be other uses of this as well.


I hope it makes sense.





twitter: @databasesystems

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