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Aggregator by Choice

Provides the aggregation functionality in the Informatica Cloud environment.

Price: Free

The following plug-in performs aggregate calculations, such as count and sum. There are business requirements to load summary information into target system. This plug-in perform the aggregation calculation on a group of records of your choice. There are many other aggregate functions that can be performed by customizing this plug-in and adding more aggregate functionality such as FIRST, LAST, MIN, MAX, and AVG.



     Interstage Process Analytics



  • Rapid Implementation: Take advantage of best practices from other Informatica Cloud customers.
  • Flexible Configuration: Configure Templates to meet your specific business needs.
  • Quick Start services: Informatica Cloud templates require initial implementation from Informatica Professional Services or one of our certified partners.
  • “Plug-in” to a Informatica Cloud Data synchronization task to perform aggregation calculations.



System Requirements:
  • Informatica Cloud Template are delivered within Informatica Cloud Services per request.
  • Secure Agent can run on Windows or Linux.

Informatica Product Requirements:
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