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Agile Data Integration

Apply Lean Integration principles to help your organization adopt Agile methods and achieve breakthrough performance.

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Informatica 9.1 enables Agile Data Integration with a solid data governance framework, efficient & effective business-IT collaboration, adaptive data services to maximize reuse & provide flexibility, and enables rapid prototyping, development, and test validation. Informatica offers professional services to apply Lean Integration principles to help your organization adopt Agile methods and achieve breakthrough performance improvements with Informatica 9.1.


Integration Value Stream Mapping Workshop:


To get started with Agile Data Integration, Informatica recommends organizations create value stream maps of their data integration process. The chalk talk demos show a few examples of value stream mapping and how Informatica supports Agile Data Integration.


Value stream mapping enables integration teams to achieve breakthrough performance improvements by creating a better overall flow in an entire process, rather than isolated improvements to a single point in a process. The value stream mapping activity creates a blueprint for applying problem analysis tools and Kaizen improvement events. It brings disparate teams together to gain a common understanding of the end-to-end process and helps people to see beyond the symptoms of waste and understand the root causes so they can make substantial and sustainable improvements.


The objective of this workshop is to give participants experience in applying lean principles to help:

  • Streamline business processes and reduce costs.
  • Increase speed of response to customer requests and improve quality.
  • Transform stressful workplaces into fun environments.
  • Expand your integration skill.


You will learn:

  • The purpose of value stream mapping as a tool for lean integration.
  • An overview of lean principles and how they apply to integration activities.
  • Lean terminology, modeling techniques and notation convention.
  • How to create a current-state map and a future-state map.
  • How to identify activities that add value and those that do not.
  • How to identify wastes and eliminate them to achieve a lean process.


Target Audience:

This workshop is intended for IT managers, enterprise architects, Lean and Agile development teams, and those involved in leading data or systems integration activities.


Special Promotional Offer:

Participate in the workshop before November 30, 2011 and receive a free copy of the Lean Integration book autographed by authors John Schmidt and David Lyle.


Agile Data Integration Chalk Talk #1

Agile Data Integration helps organizations maximize the business value of their projects. Learn about Agile DI best practices as relates to Lean Integration principles such as eliminating waste from the customers’ perspective.

Agile Data Integration Chalk Talk #2

Agile DI is ideal for Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects but requires data governance as a solid framework. Informatica provides the three pillars of data governance with metadata management, data quality, and MDM.

Agile Data Integration Chalk Talk #3

How does an analyst know if they can trust the data and quickly discover data quality issues before they become a problem? Quickly understand your data using an intuitive browser based data profiling tool designed for analysts and data stewards.

Agile Data Integration Chalk Talk #4

Determining how to join data sources from disparate systems never designed to work together in the first place can be a painful process. Informatica makes it easy to quickly discover relationships and perform join analysis with model profiling.

Agile Data Integration Chalk Talk #5

Translating specifications into source-to-target mappings is prone to errors and miscommunication. Informatica provides an intuitive purpose built analyst tool to define specifications and generate source-to-target mapping logic.

Agile Data Integration Chalk Talk #6

Impact analysis and estimating project scope is often a manual, time intensive effort. Instead you can leverage metadata management with data lineage to perform impact analysis and identify affected objects.

Agile Data Integration Chalk Talk #7

A flexible data architecture forms the foundation for successful Agile DI projects. Informatica provides adaptive data services enabling your organization to build a data virtualization layer that maximizes reuse and minimizes the impact of change.

Agile Data Integration Chalk Talk #8

Informatica can help you successfully implement Agile DI for all your data integration projects. Learn how to get started.

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