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Attensity Analyze

Sources of customer insight – including emails, blogs, web forums, surveys and customer service notes – are growing exponentially. Attensity Analyze allows the companies to access and mine this wealth of structured and unstructured data, and convert it into actionable customer intelligence.

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Attensity Analyze allows organizations to listen to the Voice of the  Customer and analyze multi-channel customer conversations, to relate  insights back to the business and to act on these conversations,  replying to customer queries quickly, engaging  with influencers and key  players, and turning feedback into  collaborative product development.


Attensity Analyze is the most comprehensive, accurate  solution on the market today for understanding multi-channel customer  conversations. Using our world-class text analytics platform, Attensity  transforms the text in social media, emails, surveys, CRM and call  center notes, and other sources into actionable insights that reveal  customer sentiments and trends. Attensity can also extend the value of  your existing data warehouses and business intelligence systems to  deliver key business insights.


Analyze for Social Media


Analyze  for Social Media is Attensity’s powerful yet easy to use SaaS solution  that lets you monitor and analyze millions of online sources for  customer intelligence. It’s a great way to get started with your voice  of the customer initiatives, and works seamlessly with Attensity Analyze  allowing you to analyze social media and other customer conversations  channels side-by-side.


Analyze for Social Media  continuously monitors and analyzes social media conversations in review  sites, blogs, forums (user forums, discussion forums, LinkedIn Answers, etc.), Twitter, Facebook, YouTube videos, mainstream news and more. It  delivers a wide variety of out of the box web-based reports  that help  you track and analyze on going relevant conversations about your brands,  products, competitors, and more, identify influential opinion leaders  and sources, understand sentiment and issues, and keep on top of  industry trends.


With Attensity Analyze you can:

  • Automatically discover topics of conversation.
  • Analyze share of coverage in social media.
  • Profile customer behavior and preferences.
  • Measure the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Analyze customer sentiment around new product launches.
  • Compare churn rates versus your competitors.
  • Understand the impact of product quality issues.


Attensity  Analyze accurately and automatically identifies the many different  “voices” that customers use to express their feedback (e.g., negative  voice, positive voice, intent, etc.), which helps you more clearly  identify key events and relationships, such as intent-to-buy,  intent-to-churn and customer “wish” events.


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