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Collibra : Business Semantics Glossary

Collibra is a Data Governance software company bringing Business and IT together to govern data as an enterprise asset.

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Collibra's solution is a business-friendly environment, where business and technical people can define their business concepts, facts and rules, in collaboration with proper roles, responsibility and workflow, and validate the execution.


Collibra's Business Semantics Glossary supports key Data Governance functions : business definitions and rules, taxonomies and classifications, business driven modeling, data stewardship, cross organizational collaboration and workflow, as well as end to end traceability.


Please click here to download the full data sheet.

  • Set up your data governance organization.
  • Assign and track roles and responsibilities.
  • Use out of the box workflows or configure your own.
  • Define policies, business terms, relations and rules.
  • Understand your business traceability.
  • Manage taxonomies, classifications & multi-dimensional hierarchies.
  • Search fast, search everywhere.
  • Link MDM, DQ and BI to the business

Video :

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Applying Data Governance: aligning Organization, People & Process, Documentation and Monitoring.


Matrix of Roles & Responsibilities: Who's Who.


Business-friendly workflow forms to guide and coordinate business stakeholders.


Out of the box and configurable BPMN 2.0 compliant workflows.


Business & Data definitions.


Policies and Rules.


Business Traceability and Visualization.


Easy to use multi-dimensional hierarchies.


Measures and Metrics for monitoring your business stakeholders


Search Everywhere: start from any windows application for context specific search results


Classical 3-tier architecture :

  • Presentation logic in the web browser (HTML, CSS, Javascript, ...)
  • Business logic in a Java Web application (Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, ...)
  • Data in a relational database (Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, ...)


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Collibra is a Data Governance software company bringing Business and IT together to govern data as an enterprise asset. More information on Collibra can be found at

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