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Data Connectors for Big Data

Saama’s dedicated services to build data connectors for Big Data providing interoperability between Big Data and Informatica Data Integration platform.

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As data growth is exploding, driven by social media and internet, the  usage of specialized HW/SW to store and process these massive amounts of  data (Big Data) is increasing. Data Integration and Business  Intelligence products need to be interoperable with Big Data HW/SW  appliances in order to harness the data and processing power. While  ability to harness the processing power is important, faster GoTo market  is extremely important to stay ahead of the curve. Saama’s dedicated  practice and valueToolsTM will provide accelerated interoperability  between Big Data and Informatica Data Integration.


The Informatica connector includes the following components:

  • Informatica client components extension.
  • Bulk loader and extractor.
  • Platform support for all versions of Windows, Unix and Linux.

The connector development package also includes optional managed support services suiting customer’s support levels and coverage.

  • Support for both normal and bulk loading.
  • Seamless data-type mapping during loads.
  • Support for partitioning and push-down capabilities.

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