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Data Pattern Search Template

The data pattern search template search for patterns across all fields and returns a concatenated list of fields that matches the respective pattern. The pattern search makes use of the REGEX (Regular Expression) function.

Price: Free

The Data Pattern Search Template can be used to search for patterns such as emails, phone numbers, dates, and more. The Template uses a REGEX (Regular Expression) matching algorithm to search for the data. The template can be used to identify relevant fields in unknown data sources that have the specific data patterns you are looking for. Users can leverage this template for a variety of use cases such as:

  • Searching & replacing certain patterns of strings.
  • Detecting irregularities in a set of data.
  • Discovering contact information such as email, phone, address, etc.
  • Verifying that data has been input in the proper format.


Template Mapping in Informatica Cloud Template Designer

Data Pattern Search Template

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  • Must have minimum of Informatica Cloud Basic Edition or higher installed to consume template.

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