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Eloqua Connector

Fast-track your marketing automation initiatives with Eloqua integration and achieve pipeline acceleration.

Price: Free 30 Day Trial

The Informatica Cloud Connector for Eloqua enables your Marketing department to truly drive the top of the funnel for Sales with high quality leads. It also allows Marketing to have a more collaborative discussion with Finance and other departments to secure the necessary budget for campaign initiatives. Using the connector will help you to :

  • Achieve better lead nurturing by archiving low-value leads and replacing them with fresher leads.
  • Perform thorough closed-loop campaign analytics and justify your need for additional budget to the Finance department.
  • Target the right buyer with robust cohort and clustering statistical analysis.
  • Save on Eloqua costs by consolidating multiple Eloqua instances within your company.


Get started now by clicking on the banner below for a free 30-day trial! Once you’ve signed up, click on the Administration tab, then click on the Connectors sub-tab, and then click on the Eloqua connector for your free trial.




  • Rapid Connectivity : Supports Bi-directional sync with Contacts, Companies, Prospects, Activities, Visitors and other objects.

Video :

Eloqua integration with Informatica Cloud

Eloqua Tech Summit

System Requirements:
  • Informatica Cloud connectors are delivered within Informatica Cloud Services from within your login.
  • Secure Agent can run on Windows.
  • Requires Subscription to and Eloqua.

Informatica Product Requirements:

Click below to view Objects supported


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