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Extract Data from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Search and extract the social media data criteria that you specify from popular social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Download for Free!

Price: Free

PowerExchange for LinkedIn, PowerExchange for Facebook, and PowerExchange for Twitter can extract social media data that match the search criteria that you specify, making it much more efficient for social media data mining.


You can define search criteria, search for topics, and extract social media data from all three social media networks. You can load the extracted social media data to a target and then use the data for text analytics and sentiment analysis. You can download the social media data mining demo file that includes the necessary sample mappings, workflows, and sessions. Using the demo file, you can extract the following social media data:

  • Public posts from Facebook that contain the topic.
  • LinkedIn profiles that have the specified topic anywhere in the profile information. The profiles that are searched are the connections for the user account for which you provide an authentication token.
  • Tweets that contain the topic and the corresponding user details.


You can download this block to extract social media data for free as part of the Informatica for Social Media bundle.

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