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Informatica Cloud 60 Day Trial for Amazon Redshift

The Informatica Cloud Trial allows you to quickly and reliably import data into Amazon Redshift from on-premises enterprise systems or other cloud applications. Leverage the power of this award-winning platform free for 60 days and explore the newest frontier in enterprise data warehousing.

Price: Free 60 Day Trial

Leveraging the power of the award-winning Informatica Cloud Platform, the Informatica Cloud 60-Day Trial for Amazon Redshift enables organizations to quickly and reliably import data into Amazon Redshift from on-premises enterprise systems and other cloud applications.


Amazon Redshift provides high-performance cloud data warehousing via a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service that makes it simple and cost-effective to efficiently analyze all your business data compared to traditional solutions. The Informatica Cloud integration solution for Amazon Redshift is a native, high-volume data connector that enables users to quickly and easily design petabyte-scale data integrations from any cloud or on-premise sources to any number of Redshift nodes to rapidly gain business insight.


To get started with implementing a Redshift data warehouse with Informatica Cloud, download Implementing a Data Warehouse on AWS in a Hybrid Environment reference guide. It provides step-by-step instructions to setup the environment and to implement common data warehouse data integration requirements just in few hours.

The Redshift connector is a bulk-load type connector that allows you to perform inserts, deletes, and upserts (insert and/or update). The connector provides upsert functionality by first creating and loading a staging table, and then merging that with the existing table.

Access to Redshift data is available via high performance ODBC or JDBC PostgreSQL drivers.

  • Seemless interoperability with Amazon Redshift.
  • High performance data synchronization.
  • The only solution to provide “Upsert” (insert and/or update) functionality.
  • Step by step integration wizards for non-technical users.
  • Advanced point and click integration workflows for technical users.

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Data Load into Redshift

Connection Setup

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