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Informatica Cloud XML Connector (Source XML)

Read XML files as to integrate with any other Informatica Cloud Endpoint.

Price: Free 30 Day Trial

Read XML files directly with an Informatica Cloud Data Synchronization Task to integrate with any other Informatica Cloud Endpoint such as other files, Databases,, Microsoft CRM, etc. Load XML file from a B2B feed into your target system. Just download, install, and try out our new XML connector.



  • Rapid Connectivity : Access custom and standard objects as a source or target in an Informatica Cloud Task.

System Requirements:
  • Informatica Cloud Templates are delivered within Informatica Cloud Services per request
  • Secure Agent can run on Windows.

Informatica Product Requirements:

Click below to view Objects supported


  • Informatica Cloud support options are available for paid editions of Informatica Cloud. Click here for documentation on the Informatica Cloud XML Connector.

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