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Marketo Connector

The Informatica Cloud Marketo Connector allows users to quickly read and write data from any cloud or on premise data source to Marketo.

Price: Free 30 Day Trial

Successful marketing depends on great customer data; data that’s clean, accurate and connected. Informatica Cloud solves the data challenge, allowing you to engage with customers better for increased campaign ROI; to connect your Marketo instance with all the data you need - digital, social, mobile and offline; and to provide holistic reporting for greater accuracy. With Informatica, marketers’ can do more with Marketo.



  • Increase Marketo campaign ROI by maximizing customer engagement  
    • Clean and validate your data before you market
    • Ensure more emails hit the inbox – and are addressed to the right person
    • Make sure prospects and customers get the right message at the right time
  • Improve customer loyalty with a single view of customer    
    • Provide timely and highly targeted marketing outreach, leading to better engagement and ROI
    • Increase upsell & cross-sell effectivness based on accurate representation of purchase history and marketing engagement
  • Power closed loop enterprise reporting that incorporates Marketo and complementary data sources    
    • Create improved visibility into line of business and company-wide activities
    • Automate lead-to-order-to-cash process
    • Improve reporting accuracy
    • Export your data to your favorite BI/analytics tool, like Salesforce Wave or Tableau
  • Utilize pre-built connectors/templates for Marketo, Salesforce, SAP and ANY other major cloud or on-premise applications

The Informatica Cloud Connector for Marketo allows you to integrate data with Marketo and other SaaS Applications or on premise Applications. The connector performs following operations:

  • Integrate Marketo information like Leads, Opportunities
  • Ability to bulk extract or bulk upload data with Marketo
  • Integrate custom objects from Marketo with other Applications.

Supported Objects and Task Operations

The table below provides the list of objects and task operations supported by Marketo connector:

Operations for marketo connector

Pre-requisites to Install Marketo Connector

You need Marketo sandbox or production account to successfully create a Marketo connection in Informatica cloud. User with administrative privileges is required to fetch Access & Encryption Key values from Marketo portal. The Access and Encryption key are required while creating a connection.

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