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Merge Data Template

The Merge Data template joins two data sources based on a user specified join condition. The template also compares attributes for null values while performing the merge.

Price: Free

The Merge Data Template merges two data sources with similar fields to produce a single set of data that has the non-empty fields from both sources.   For example, if you have two tables with attributes such as email, address, and phone number, then the Merge Data Template will allow you to merge the two tables so that if any of the attributes in one table is empty, it will pick up the values for these attributes from the other table. This template is very handy in the following situations:

  • Mergers and acquisitions where you have to combine data about locations or customers.
  • Standardizing emails, addresses, and phone numbers across multiple records
  • Obtaining a more complete view of your customer by pulling in data from several different sources.


Template Mapping in Informatica Cloud Template Designer :

Merge Data

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  • Must have minimum of Informatica Cloud Basic Edition or higher installed to consume template.

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