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PowerCenter Express - ETL Tool

Informatica's PowerCenter Express ETL tool is one of the best data integration and profiling tools available. Download for free today!

Posted by:Informatica Enterprise Data Integration

Personal Edition

  • On-line community-based support
  • Process up to 250K rows per day
  • Single user
  • Process one job at a time
  • Free

Professional Edition

  • 1:1 individualized email-based support, as well as on-line community-based support
  • Process unlimited rows per day
  • Up to five users per system
  • Process one job at a time
  • $8000 per user per year

PowerCenter Express is Informatica’s market-leading data integration (ETL Tool) and in-line data profiling right-sized for smaller projects. You can install PowerCenter Express in less than 10 minutes and start moving data today, from relational databases, flat files, XML, even unstructured and social media data from sources like Twitter and Facebook.


PowerCenter Express offers unparalleled ease-of-use in an ETL tool with a no-coding graphical user interface. Embedded “cheat sheets” mean that even if you’re not yet an expert at data integration you’ll be able to integrate the data you need and learn best practices as you go.


In-line data profiling means you won’t need to switch tools to understand the quality of the data you’re bringing in. PowerCenter Express combines an ETL tool, with a data profiling tool, and, you can drill-in right there to really see—and show—the data you’re working with.


With PowerCenter Express you have the full power of Informatica’s enterprise products, including all transformations, the ability to test mappings, full monitoring and administration, and our Vibe platform. This means you’ll get all of the productivity of our enterprise ETL tool. It also means that when your needs change you can upgrade to enterprise products without skipping a beat.


Until now, organizations needing to integrate data but without the budget for enterprise ETL tools have had pretty grim choices—poor quality products that crash frequently and are orders of magnitude slower than their enterprise counterparts. With PowerCenter Express, you won’t have to make any compromises. It’s the same powerful ETL tool as our enterprise data integration, just right-sized for the volumes of smaller data integration projects.

Our PowerCenter Express ETL tool offers :

  • Fast, click-through installation.
  • No coding, easy-to-use graphical design and development.
  • Embedded cheat sheets within the ETL tool to help you do common and not-so-common data integration tasks.
  • A full range of data transformations.
  • Workflow tools to create complex, multi-step transformations.
  • Mid-stream data viewer to test and understand the impact of transformations at every step.
  • The connectivity you need to connect to: relational databases, flat files, ODBC, JDBC, XML, social media sources, Web services and unstructured data.
  • In-line data profiling: unlimited column and rule-based data profiling.
  • High-performance data integration engine: Up to 10x faster than other free data integration and ETL tools.
  • Management and monitoring with a central administration console so you can see the status of your integration jobs in your ETL tool, including how many runs, fails, and the ability to drill-in and understand why a job failed.
  • Metadata-driven: Our ETL tool includes a metadata repository that stores metadata about data sources, mappings, transformations and workflows. This makes your data integration infrastructure agile, so if something changes in your ETL tool, you only need to change that one element, not the entire data integration. It also means you increase your productivity by an order of magnitude as you re-use all of these elements for other parts of the project.
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Videos :

Informatica PowerCenter Express

PowerCenter Express Overview

Create a Flat File Resource

Import and Preview a Relational Data Object

Create and Run a Profile

Create and Run a Pass-through Mapping

Join Two Data Sources

Create, Deploy, and Run a Workflow

Monitoring Objects

Screenshots :

PowerCenter Express

PowerCenter Express

  • Release Version :Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.1 HF2


  • MD5_CHECHSUM: E734A15756F5C9622E235498C5497609
  • CRC_32_CHECKSUM: 66d38ac5

  • MD5_CHECHSUM: F76C37244BCE2EB7671842A41C58D2D6
  • CRC_32_CHECKSUM: d07899db


  • MD5_CHECHSUM: 723190D2EA0157BA80EAC3A0A2BA9600
  • CRC_32_CHECKSUM: 6b45e574

  • MD5_CHECHSUM: 88EADFA213B192B7EF57E9F269873B0C
  • CRC_32_CHECKSUM: 5d43d456


  • MD5_CHECHSUM: 2DCB6A5748684260EB0D982929615AD4
  • CRC_32_CHECKSUM: e489e507

Once you download PowerCenter Express, you’ll automatically be registered for My Support, where you’ll be able to log on and get answers to any questions you have about this ETL tool. You’ll be able to get complete documentation, watch videos about how to use PowerCenter Express, post questions to the community, see others’ questions and responses, and search the knowledge base for any other information you need regarding this ETL tool.

PowerCenter Express is provided by Informatica, the world’s leader in data integration and ETL tools. Informatica leads the market in every segment of data integration and management, from data integration, to data quality, to data masking and beyond.

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