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Run Book

Tool to proactively monitor the schedule of Informatica workflows.

Posted by:Genpact
Price: 2000

If critical Informatica workflows do not get executed as per plan, it can cause serious business issues. The data can get corrupted or downstream jobs will get affected. It is a serious issue for Administrators. Run book is a tool developed to solve this specific problem. It is designed to provide proactive alerting whenever there is a schedule violation. These alerts will allow support team to immediately know the issue and take corrective actions. This ability to react to outages in real time allows the team to maintain their business SLAs and avoid any potential data outages and corruption issues.


In addition, to the monitoring, this tool also facilitates use of the Informatica scheduler for scheduling all Informatica workflows. This avoids the necessity for purchasing any other 3rd party scheduling tool and saves the associated costs.

  • Run Book is a mechanism implemented by Genpact for proactive monitoring against the schedule of Informatica workflows.
  • Run Book process validates whether all the critical workflows have started when they should have as per the intended schedule and all critical workflows have completed by when they should have as agreed with the concerned business users.
  • Run Book process logs all Informatica workflow details in to a table which either didn't start as per the schedule or didn't complete with in the agreed SLA time and also mails out the same to support team alerting/facilitating them to take an appropriate immediate action.

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Run Book mail alerting that a INFA8.x Daily (Frequency - D) job didn't started as per the schedule start_time at 8:00 PM

Run Book mail alerting that a INFA 7.x Daily (Frequency - D) job didn't completed by the agreed SLA time of 6:00 AM , which started at 2:00 AM

Run Book

Current Version: 2

Current Version: 2

Release Date: March 22, 2010

System Requirements Informatica Product Requirements
  • Linux/Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Oracle/DB2/MY SQL/SQL Server
  • Any Informatica Power Center version(s)

Support Options:

Genpact provides round the clock free support for 30 days from the day Run Book process go live.

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