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Salesforce Aggregator Template

The Salesforce Aggregator template aggregates data from various fields within a Salesforce object based on a specified grouping. Rows from the data source can also be filtered before applying the desired aggregation functionality.

Price: Free

The Salesforce Aggregator Template allows you to aggregate data using aggregation functions such as SUM, MIN, and MAX on any desired dataset. As a result, you can build summaries of a dataset from various field-level details. You can also perform mathematical and/or transactional operations between different source fields and place the result in a target. This template also allows you to

  • Easily modify data filters to only select those rows you wish to process.
  • Configure a wide variety of aggregation functions to learn more about your Salesforce data.


Template Mapping in Informatica Cloud Template Designer


Salesforce Aggregator Template

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Video :

  • Must have minimum of Informatica Cloud Basic Edition or higher installed to consume template.

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